28 May 2018

We made history on Powerball

Yes we certainly did – the Powerball game re-wrote Western Australia’s history books.

That moment was in 2015 when one local family picked up an incredible $50 million Division One prize on a Powerball jackpot. It broke records to become the largest Lotto prize ever won in this State.

But wait, there’s more! Seriously –check out these facts and stats:

  • This year we’ve already welcomed a $20 million Powerball WA winner. Our favourite quote from the single mum of two who claimed the win, “I’m a plain Jane and I’m not going to become a snob!”
  • Over the last five years, WA has produced 14 Division One Powerball winners who have shared in (get ready) almost $220 million in prize money.
  • 2013 and 2015 were particularly Powerball lucky years!  
  • In 2013 WA produced:  1 x $30 million, 2 x $20 million and 1 x $10 million – all on Powerball. 
  • Then in 2015, four WA Powerball winners were produced: 1 x $50 million, 1 x $23.3 million, 1 x $10 million and 1 x $3 million.

Thinking you want to become part of the Powerball action? Perfect timing, a $40 million Powerball jackpot goes on offer Thursday. Fingers and toes crossed, we’ll see you in the Winners Room!

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