Our role in the community

We're extremely fortunate in Western Australia to have the only lottery in the nation, and one of the few in the world, where all profits are returned back to the community.

It's thanks to the people who play Lotterywest games and the small businesses that sell Lotterywest games that we're able to support organisations like yours who are contributing to make WA a great place to live.

For more information about Lotterywest sales, prizes and grants check out our Where the money goes page.

Achieving more impact

We have developed a Community Investment Framework to support our vision of ‘Building a better WA together’ and to strengthen the impact achieved with the grants supported by Lotterywest and Healthway.

To build a better WA together with you, we need to understand your initiative and how it will impact and benefit the WA community.

We are committed to:

  • making wise use of Lotterywest grant funding;
  • working with organisations to ensure their grants are impactful; and
  • showing the benefit of our grants for the community.

We support grassroots and community initiatives. We also work with communities and sectors that are developing solutions to help achieve a deeper, wider impact, or that will leave a lasting and significant community legacy.

COVID-19 Relief Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State Government, through Lotterywest, allocated all profits of the Lottery (up to $159 million) directly into the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

This Fund assisted the Western Australian community through COVID-19 and responded to the impacts of the crisis on individual and community wellbeing through targeted and impactful community grants.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund has now closed.