Our role: Supporting the community

We're extremely fortunate in Western Australia to have the only lottery in the nation, and one of the few in the world, where all the profits are returned back to the community.

It's thanks to the people who play Lotterywest games and the small businesses that sell them that we're able to support groups who are contributing to make WA a great place to live.

Building a better WA, together

The Lotteries Commission was established at the height of the Depression with the aim of keeping money within Western Australia to address community hardship. Since the 1930s,  we have supported local and community initiatives, providing benefit to all Western Australians.

We pride ourselves on working with communities and sectors that support those in need, amplify local strengths and opportunities, and build better, more connected communities.

Over the years, the focus of our grant making has responded to the priorities, needs and strengths of our Western Australian community at the time.

Through this we’ve remained committed to:

  • making wise use of community funds;
  • providing sound support to sustain grant initiatives; and
  • showing the benefit of our grants for the community.

In 2019/20 Lotterywest funded: 

Our vision has never been more relevant

Lotterywest’s vision to build a better Western Australia together has never been more relevant. The State Government, through Lotterywest, has committed $159 million into a COVID-19 Relief Fund to respond to impacts of the pandemic on our community.

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is planned to close at 5:00pm, Wednesday 30 June 2021. Grant-making will continue under the Lotterywest Healthway Community Investment Framework from 1 July 2020.