The grant process

Are you looking to apply for a grant? Keep scrolling to learn more about the process and begin your application.

Below are helpful tips and information to help you through our grant process from start to finish. Whether you’re just thinking about applying, are ready to apply, or have received a grant and are wondering how to manage your grant, we’re here to help.

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Watch our introduction to the Community Investment Framework webinar to learn more about Lotterywest’s grant-making.


Who can apply?

You are an eligible organisation if you’re:

  • a not-for-profit organisation (i.e. none of the profits go to owners or shareholders); or
  • a local government authority.

Smaller not-for-profits may prefer to be auspiced by an eligible organisation. Contact us for more information if you are considering this approach.

Your organisation also needs to:

  • be an Australian entity and operating within Western Australia;
  • not be operating on behalf of the State or Federal Government;
  • have the authority to undertake the proposed grant activities; or
  • have an organisational structure that does not allow for the distribution of profit or personal gain during operation and/or in the event of wind up.
What will you support?

Click here for information on what we can support.

What won’t you support?

Click here for information what we can’t support.

How much can be requested?

We accept applications from $3,000 upwards. Please don't under or overestimate your request. Request the amount that will support your initiative, has a strong case to support it, meets relevant assessment considerations and demonstrates value for money.

The limit for unincorporated groups or organisations not GST registered is a combined total of up to $15,000 for each financial year, unless auspiced by another not-for-profit organisation or a local government authority.

In terms of how much of your project we will fund, we are a complementary grant maker. It is expected that others will contribute as appropriate to the cost of initiatives, both financially and/or in kind.

Can the request be for elements that relate to government funded services?

Lotterywest seeks to achieve its vision of ‘Building a better WA together’ by working with eligible organisations, including those who may receive government funding.

Projects or initiatives that could/should be funded through contractual or individualised Government funding arrangements will not be supported. Grant support should instead be directed as appropriate to value-add components/initiatives that are clearly not the responsibility of another agency or under any contractual arrangement.

Given the range and complexity of arrangements, we encourage organisations to discuss their grant application with us before applying.

How long is the process?

Please note that from the point of formal application, it can take up to four months for a grant to be assessed and approved, or longer should further work be required. If you have a time sensitive proposal, please call our team to discuss your options.

How many applications can be submitted?

Please call us if you plan to make multiple applications in a year so we can work with you on how best to do this.

What happens after my application is submitted?

Your application will be assessed by our team against the assessment criteria and a recommendation is then made to the Lotterywest Board.

A typical grant process looks like this:

  1. Seek information via Lotterywest website
  2. Talk with us about your proposal
  3. Gather your requirements and necessary documentation
  4. Develop and submit your application
  5. Assessment, including referee checks and any follow up conversation and requests for information from you
  6. Our internal review and recommendation to the Board
  7. Board meeting and review
  8. Recommendation to the Minister responsible for Lotterywest (the Premier)
  9. Application decision and written advice to you
  10. Grant payment
  11. Sharing your good news
  12. Evaluation, reporting and acquittal
How can Lotterywest support be acknowledged?

Your public acknowledgment helps spread the word about your initiative and Lotterywest’s contribution to the community. It also helps inform people about how playing Lotterywest games enables us to provide grants like yours.

Visit Sharing the news for resources on how you can acknowledge Lotterywest grant support.

What conditions will apply to my grant?

All organisations are required to agree to the standard Lotterywest Conditions of Grant which needs to be signed upfront for every application.

Further conditions specific to your grant may also apply. These are communicated in the grant approval letter. Please refer to the Grant Approval Schedule. An example is available here.

Should GST be included in my request?

We do not support the GST component of any items purchased by the grant unless exceptional circumstances apply. Please call us to discuss if need be.

If your organisation is registered for GST, please don't include the GST component in your request.

Who can sign Lotterywest grants related documents?
How will the decision about the application be advised?

Lotterywest provides written advice on the outcome of all applications. If your grant is approved, we will advise you of payment arrangements and our requirements for reporting on the grant and acquitting (accounting for) the funds. This information is detailed in the Grant Approval Schedule. You can track the status of your application in the Lotterywest Portal.

How are payments made?

Once a grant is approved, you will be notified about what has been approved and any requirements for payments to be made. This information is detailed in the Grant Approval Schedule.


Provided you have met all applicable prepayment requirements, your payment will be paid on the scheduled payment date.


You can view your Grant Approval Schedule and upcoming payments in the Portal.


Retrospective costs (for items or expenses incurred prior to grant approval) will not be covered by the grant unless in exceptional circumstances.


All grants made by Lotterywest are provided exclusive of GST on the items that the grant has been approved for, unless otherwise advised. However, if your organisation is registered for GST, when Lotterywest makes a payment of grant monies to your organisation, a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) will be available to view in the Portal, which identifies a GST component that has been included within the payment to your organisation. This GST component is required by the Australian Taxation Office, as GST due on the grant payment itself and should be forwarded by your organisation to the Australian Tax Office. It is not to be treated as a reimbursement for any GST you may have paid on goods or services related to your claim for payment. RCTI will be available in the Portal.


Grants are paid through an electronic funds transfer. Please ensure the bank account details provided are your organisation’s main operating account and these account details are always kept up to date in the Portal.

How do I acquit my grant?

All organisations who receive our support are accountable for their expenditure and reporting on the grant within the agreed timeframe. Our grant conditions, payment, accountability and acquittal processes will be explained to you during the grant assessment process and detailed in the approval letter and attached Grant Approval Schedule. It’s important to read your grant approval letter and the Grant Approval Schedule.


Generally, the grant acquittal will require you to:

  • Use the grant for the approved purpose
  • Meet any grant conditions, including overall conditions that must be met prior to payment and grant accountability (including for evaluation and reporting)
  • Prepare an Income and Expenditure statement

Complete the Lotterywest Final Acquittal Report in the Portal. This report includes questions related to your grant expenditure, the number of volunteers and beneficiaries involved in the grant, the activities and outcomes delivered, as well as any learnings and insights from your grant initiative.

What happens if my organisation's details change?

We need to know of changes to your organisation's details such as bank details, name, legal signatory or GST status. You can make these changes in the Lotterywest Portal at any time.

What happens if my project changes?

Let us know if there are changes to your project or the key members involved as soon as possible. By notifying us, we can work with you to ensure these changes do not affect the intended outcomes of your grant. Please advise us of these changes through the Portal.

Can a request be made for a grant decision to be reviewed?

Yes. The request should be made in writing within 60 working days of receiving formal advice of the decision to the attention of Lotterywest CEO, and signed by your organisation's Chairperson or authorised delegate. Please include the reason for the review and what you propose as a resolution. We will advise you of the outcome as soon as possible. A request for review will not impact the consideration of any future applications.