Purchase an existing outlet

The sale of business process takes 30-40 business days to complete. If the purchase of a business involves change of location, please call us to discuss our Relocation policy and guidelines.

The sale of business application process includes the following steps:

  1. Identify an Outlet and begin discussions with the retailer – applications must be approved by the existing retailer to progress.
  2. Investigate the business – make sure the business is right for you by conducting due diligence (investigating) the stores’ location, business type, customer base, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats etc.
  3. Secure a Contract of Sale – an application to purchase an existing outlet is subject to Lotterywest approval, it is recommended to include a clause “subject to Lotterywest approval” on the contract of sales.
  4. Secure a Lease Offer – the offer must include a clause permitting sale of lottery products (we will not need a fully executed lease at this stage).
  5. Pre-meeting at Lotterywest – a pre-meeting can be organised by emailing: retail.operations@lotterywest.wa.gov.au.
  6. Complete the Application Pack – this will be emailed to you after the pre-meeting (if deemed suitable).
  7. Submit your Application – we can only accept complete applications with all supporting documents. A non-refundable Application fee must be paid see Retail Manual – 5B Schedule of fees and charges for current fee.
  8. Business Plan Assessment – we will assess your Application and Business Plan, Financial Plan and Supporting documents. If your application and business plan are approved, you will progress to the interview stage.
  9. Interview – to discuss your plan and strategies for the business with our panel. If you pass our interview, you will be invited to attend our MALO Training.
  10. MALO Training – where you will learn to manage a lottery outlet with training provided by Lotterywest. This training is held once a month, so please take this into consideration when negotiating a settlement date. 
  11. Sign Agreement & Submit Bank Guarantee – you will be advised of the bank guarantee value at this point in the process.
  12. Settlement – settlement must occur on business days (Tuesday to Friday – excluding public holidays).
  13. Shopfit – if the current store has the old Shopfit, you will need to complete the new Shopfit within 8-weeks of settlement.

Retailers - New SOB - Oct 2021