Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal

Lotterywest and Healthway are improving the way we manage grants to provide a better experience for grant applicants and to maximise impact. 

The new Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal is now live!

Click here to visit the Portal.

FAQs: Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal

What are we doing?

Lotterywest and Healthway are launching a new Grants Management System (GMS) to provide a better experience for grant applicants by introducing the Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal. From 31 July 2023, you’ll be able to apply for grants, track progress and manage your approved grants from one central location.

What is a Grants Management System (GMS)?

A GMS is a web-based platform that supports the management of the entire grant life cycle and allows organisations like us, to manage grants from application to acquittal. A good GMS promotes efficiency, effectiveness and supports risk management, as well as improves the customer experience in managing applications and funding.

What are the benefits of a new GMS?

Our new GMS will bring together Lotterywest and Healthway in a centralised Portal, streamlining the grants process for grant applicants. Grant applicants will be able to access Lotterywest and Healthway services from a single login, where they can view a live status of their funding request or grant as it progresses through the approval and acquittal process.

What can grant applicants do in the Lotterywest Healthway Grants Portal?

You can:

  • Request a new Lotterywest or Healthway grant.
  • Update your organisation’s details including adding governance documents, annual reports and financial statements.
  • View your organisation’s grant history, including past and current grant requests.
  • Submit amendment requests for current grants.
  • Report on your grant, including submitting progress and final acquittal reports.
  • View upcoming payments for active grants.
  • Click here to view a how-to guide