Establish a new outlet

Our New Outlet Location assessment takes 60 business days to complete. The Assessment takes into consideration several factors regarding the appropriateness of a location such as: business type suitability, proximity to and impact on existing retailers, player access, incremental and overall sales, sufficient space for Lotterywest Shopfit, internal counter positioning, power and data connectivity and external signage opportunities.

The New Outlet application process includes the following steps:

  1. Identify a suitable Location – this must be a specific address.
  2. Submit a Location Assessment Request – email for a link to the form. Your application will need to include information on your business type, images of the location and shopfit plans showing the proposed counter position (this assessment takes up to 10 business days).
  3. If Approved, submit a Comprehensive Location Assessment – this will be emailed to you with the approval and will include your Business Plan, Financial Forecasts, and evidence of Lease (this assessment takes up to 60 business days).
  4. Attend a Pre-meeting at Lotterywest – we will send you an invite once the location has been approved.
  5. Complete the Application Pack – this will be emailed to you after the Pre-meeting (if deemed suitable). A non-refundable processing fee will be charged at this point see Retail Manual – 5B Schedule of fees and charges for current fee.
  6. Submit your Application – we can only accept complete applications with all supporting documents.
  7. Business Plan Assessment – we will assess your Application and Business Plan Form, Financial Plan and Supporting documents. If your application and business plan if approved, you will progress to the interview stage.
  8. Interview – to discuss your plan and strategies for the business with our panel. If you pass our interview, you will be invited to attend our MALO Training.
  9. MALO Training – where you will learn how to manage a Lottery outlet by attending 3-day training at Lotterywest. This training is held once a month, so please take this into consideration when negotiating a settlement date.
  10. Sign Agreement and Submit Bank Guarantee – you will be advised of the bank guarantee value at this point in the process. An establishment fee will be charged at this point see Retail Manual – 5B Schedule of fees and charges for current fee.
  11. Shopfit – you will need to complete your Shopfit before trade start.
  12. Start Trading! – Trade start will be on business days (Tuesday to Friday – excluding public holidays).

Retailers - Establish NO - Oct 2021