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Want to play Lotterywest games, but not sure how? Find out how to become a Lotterywest member and more below!

Welcome to Lotterywest, WA's home of Lotto!

How can I play Lotterywest games?

You can play your way by visiting one of the 500+ local stores around the state, or via the Lotterywest website or app. 

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Did you know graphic - how to play pageA great way to play is by becoming a Lotterywest member, you can register by clicking here. When you're a member, you will receive exclusive benefits like prize protection and the ability to save up to 20 sets of your favourite numbers.

How do I get started?

To become a Lotterywest member, you must reside in WA, and have a valid email address. Have your primary form of ID ready - like your WA driver's licence - and you're good to go.

There are four easy steps to sign up - watch the video below to find out how you can start playing today.

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Membership FAQS

What information do I need to join as a Lotterywest member?

To register as a Lotterywest member all you need is an email address and some documents to help us verify your identity. We use a third party identity verification service provider that validates your identity against various databases such as WA driver's licence, White Pages, WA Electoral Roll, Medicare and Australian passport records. This service is completely secure and helps us confirm you to be aged above 16 years and a resident in WA.

Once your identity has been verified you will be sent a temporary password via email so that you can access your account and start playing. Click here to find out more and sign up today!

Can I let anyone else use my Lotterywest membership?

No. In the ‘Terms and conditions’ you accept when you register for your Lotterywest membership, you agree to not share your account details, password and/or PIN with anyone.

If I register as a Lotterywest member will I be added to a promotions email list?

When you register for a Lotterywest membership you can choose whether you want to receive information about jackpots, Superdraws and promotions by leaving the appropriate box ticked. If you leave this box ticked you will occasionally receive emails from Lotterywest about these events. If you clear this box you will only receive emails related to your  account activity. You can change this option at any time by clicking 'My account' when accessing your Lotterywest membership via the Lotterywest website.

Is there an age limit to play?

Yes, you must be 16 years or older to play (and be able to prove your age at registration). 

Can I register and play if I don’t live in Western Australia?

You must have a Western Australian residential address to register for the Lotterywest membership. PO Boxes are not accepted as a residential address.

Why do I have to complete an identity check?

By law we are required to verify the identity of players registering for a Lotterywest membership. Proof of identity is required to ensure all players meet these criteria.

What is identity verification?

Identity verification is the process of checking a player’s personal details against a set of data sources such as the White Pages, WA Electoral Roll and WA Driver's licence databases. This is done to ensure players identities and that the age and address requirements of becoming a registered player are met.

This process is carried out by a Third Party Identity Verification Service Provider. Registering and verifying your identity online is completely secure.

Are my details shared with anyone else?

The details you provide to us are shared with our secure Third Party Identity Verification Service Provider for the purpose of verifying your identity. The personal details in your account will be kept secure and used to contact you about your account if it is necessary. You will not be sent promotional emails unless you opt to receive them.

Can I receive prizes paid by cheque?

Lotterywest similar to many other Government organisations such as Medicare and the ATO has replaced cheque payments with EFT.  For Lotterywest members, that means you’ll need to provide us with your bank account details. To arrange this, all you need to do is complete this change of financial details form. Please rest assured your details will be kept confidential and secure. Once we receive your information we will update your account as soon as possible. 

Why won’t my card scan at my local Lotterywest retailer?

To ensure that our customer data is continually reviewed and updated, PRS cards that have not been used since 2017 have been blocked and will be phased out starting from the end of October 2022. We can help you upgrade to the current Lotterywest membership to enjoy the same benefits with additional features now and send you out a new card so you can start playing shortly.

You can also upgrade yourself for free on our website under ‘Membership’ > ‘Your Membership’ > ‘Upgrade’.

Can I still buy Lotto tickets with my PRS card?

No, you can no longer use your PRS card as we’re phasing out any cards that haven’t been used in the last five years. The good news is we can upgrade you to the Lotterywest membership and send you out a new card so you can start playing shortly. In the meantime, you can still buy unregistered tickets. You’ll just need to keep them safe. 

Why are you phasing out PRS cards?

We’re offering a new and improved Lotterywest membership with more benefits and rewards to our players. Player Registration Service (PRS) cards that haven’t been used since 2017 will start to be phased out in October 2022.

What are favourite numbers?

You can choose your own numbers to play when purchasing Lotterywest tickets – these are your “Favourite numbers”. You can save up to 20 sets of favourite numbers per game* to your Lotterywest membership. When you buy a ticket online, you have the option to play your Favourite numbers by selecting ‘My Favourites’ before confirming your purchase. When buying a ticket in-store, please inform the retailer that you want to play a saved Favourite, the name of that favourite and for which game prior to purchase.

(*excludes Super66)

How long will I wait to receive my new membership card?

It takes around three weeks for your membership card to arrive. You can use your virtual card on the Lotterywest App or online immediately after upgrading.