7 May 2021

The million dollar fridge in Dawesville

A Dawesville man has spent the past three weeks with more than $1 million stuck to his fridge.

The man in his 50’s has come forward as the owner of a Saturday Lotto Division 1 ticket from Miami Newsagency, which is now worth more than $1.1 million dollars.

He started playing Saturday Lotto around 7 months ago, and during this time he purchased two tickets for Saturday’s draw on 17 April.

“The tickets sat on my fridge for three weeks, until I had to pay my water bill, I thought I might as well check them,” he said.

“I went to the retailer, on my first ticket I won $57 and thought ‘you beauty’.

“The second ticket told me to contact Lotterywest, the retailer took me out the back and said, ‘don’t lose this ticket’.”

A Harley Davidson, a new house and looking after his children are now part of his plans.

Your next chance to win is this weekend's $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw, and a great way to play is to get together in a syndicate to share the cost, and then hopefully the joy.

Tickets are available until 6pm Saturday, in-store, online or via the app.

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