3 June 2020

Take a trip down memory lane

Roger and his wife Michelle are proof, there’s nothing out of fashion about being old fashioned.

The couple have run London Court News for the past six years and take pride in providing a touch of nostalgia to their store.

“We try to be an old-fashioned business, in the central business district,” Roger said.

“We don’t do scanning, we remember the prices of things, we try and remember our customers by name and use their name.”

COVID-19 has seen foot traffic disappear within the CBD, but the couple have kept their doors open for the major part of the day.

“There are a significant number of health service workers who are our customers, they are exceptionally busy buying stuff to help battle COVID-19     

“We feel quite good about being open so that they can buy their Lotto or can of coke for lunch, or even chat about life.”

Roger’s old fashioned service has seen some customers who are no longer in the city every day, make the effort to support their store in these uncertain times.

“If they have to come into the office one day out of 20, they’ve made a point of coming in to say hello and buy a Lotto ticket.

“That’s really gratifying and it’s hard to not get emotional about it sometimes."

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