27 August 2020

Living the Lotto life at Midland Gate

It would be safe to say that Lotto is quickly turning into a family tradition for the McCrae’s, with Lance and Ellie McCrae, the father daughter duo you’ll find behind the counter at Midland Gate Lottery Kiosk.

Lance starting working in his parent’s newsagency in the mid-1970s and his daughter Ellie, is now the third generation of her family to work in the lottery and newsagent industry.

The two have been happily working together for the past 12 years and say they both bring different strengths to their business.

“We work well around each other,” Lance said.

“I’m more old school, whereas Ellie takes a more modern business approach with things like our Facebook page.”

Outside of work they both share a green thumb, enjoying gardening and the odd trip to Bunnings.

They say this Father’s Day their hot item to buy in-store is Scratchie packs. For their own Father’s Day celebrations, Ellie will be taking her dad out to a breakfast treat.

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