25 March 2019

How would you celebrate a lotto win?

Can you imagine; you’re sitting on the couch with your lotto ticket, checking off the numbers from the night’s draw…and every. single. number. comes up!

How would you celebrate your lotto win? We’ve asked around the office and here are a few of our favourite ideas.

Put a deposit down

Be it a boat, a house, or an island (there’s a few going off the east coast of Australia), put down a deposit on something you’ve always longed for. Personally, we have our eyes on that mansion in Peppermint Grove, but hey, we’d be happy with the 145 foot catamaran…

Buy yourself something ‘only rich people’ buy

That handbag really has been staring at you for far too long. Who cares if it costs the same as your house? Now is the time to get it! It might be impractical, barely fit anything other than a $1 coin, and doesn’t really suit any of your other clothes, but those details are irrelevant. As long as it sparks joy in your life, right?

Retire early

Who cares if you’re only 30?! Lots of people take early retirement, right? Take the time to volunteer, invest your funds, start that eco-friendly clothing company you’ve always wanted to do – with your winnings, who can stop you?

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