17 July 2020

Giving back with prizes and grants to WA

The 2019-20 financial year has seen $732 million in returns to the Western Australian community through prizes and grants. WA players shared in $439 million of lottery prizes, while $292 million was allocated in grants to help the local community.

This year has seen 69 WA players share in more than $74 million worth in Division One prizes and 67 Top Prize winners on Scratch’n’Win sharing in $5.8 million and 9 cars. This means there’s an endless list of unique winners’ stories.

Did you hear the one with…?

An honest mistake that saw one a Noranda woman  win Wednesday Lotto twice.

She used her Playslip to buy a ticket for Monday and Wednesday Lotto, and had meant to also use her partner’s Playslip for a second ticket, but inadvertently handed over hers again by mistake.

That mistake saw her win Division One not once but TWICE to take home $2 million.

Or the one with…

A university student who discovered that the first Lotto ticket he’s ever purchased turned into $1 million.

He ignored his mates’ advice to not buy the Monday Lotto ticket from Media Lottery Centre & News in Cannington.

“I checked my ticket at home that night and when I realised I’d won, I literally slapped myself because I thought I was dreaming.”

 And then there’s…

The short queue and a last-minute decision to buy a Saturday Lotto Superdraw ticket that soon turned into $1.8 million.

While grocery shopping the winner noticed a $20 million Superdraw sign outside Kwinana Hub Lottery Centre and News.
“I said to my son if the line is short we will get one, if not never mind,” she said.
“The store was also about to close as well, but it was just the right place at the right time.”

Then there was…

A Darch man’s decision to buy an avocado turned into a $200,000 Scratch‘n’Win prize.

“My wife was going out to dinner, so I was looking after the kids who wanted Mexican, as my wife isn’t a fan of tacos,” the winner said.

 “I forgot to buy an avocado and went back into the shops, that’s when I saw the newsagency and decided to treat myself.”

 That ‘treat’ was a $20 Golden Ticket from The Lucky Charm Greenwood, which soon turned into $200,000.

Hundreds of not-for-profit community groups were also ‘winners’ in 2019-20 receiving a Lotterywest grant. Some of these experienced financial hardships due to the impacts of COVID-19 and were supported through the Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund.

One community group to benefit was Second Bite, a Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund grant of $363,000 for food delivery is now supporting people experiencing food stress in regional and remote areas of WA.

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