29 September 2018

Cash 3 turns the big 2-0!

Cash 3 is saying hello to adulthood as it turns 20 years young!

So it’s time for the game to enjoy all the finer and mature things in life, like fancy dinners topped off with some aged cheese, moving out of the parents’ house OR giving local players the chance to share in $300,000 just for fun

Good things come in 3

From Sunday 30 September to Thursday 18 October 2018, Cash 3 will be giving away 30 prizes of $10,000 all thanks to the new promotion Good things come in 3.

All you need to do is purchase $3 or more worth of Cash 3 tickets in the competition period and register your ticket details here for the chance to win.

If you’re a Lotterywest member, remember to scan your card and you’ll receive automatic entry –it’s as simple as one, two, Cash 3.

Cash 3 competition blog image

Choose your style and odds

For 20 years, West Aussies have been playing Cash 3 – and picking three numbers between 000 and 999 in the hopes of winning daily prizes of up to $500.

Cash 3 gives you three ways to play once you’ve selected your lucky numbers: 

  • Exact order - to win, the numbers must match the winning numbers in the exact order drawn. This style of play gives you odds to win of 1 in 1,000.
  • Any order - to win, the numbers must match those drawn but in any order. This style of play gives you odds to win of 1 in 166.  
  • Exact/any - a combination of the exact and any – an ‘each way’ bet. This style of play gives you odds to win of 1 in 333.

The proof is in the pudding…or the local newsagent

Owner of Galleria Lottery Centre, Julie Chew, said she sees her regular Cash 3 customers daily to put their lucky numbers on and no superstition is too silly to try.

“A lot of superstition goes into choosing their Cash 3 numbers,” Ms Chew said.

“They use their birthday numbers, house numbers, even their phone numbers!”

How to pick your numbers

Some believe there’s a fine art into choosing Cash 3 numbers. Some believe it’s plain old luck. Whatever you believe in, here’s some ideas to get you started on picking a winner or three:

  • Pull numbers out of a hat
  • Get three work mates to pick numbers between 1 and 9
  • Use the cost of your last electricity bill (you never know until you try!)
  • Use the last three numbers of your postcode
  • Use your mother’s birth year minus one digit.

It’s all good, baby!

Cash 3 has raised over $33 million for the WA community over the last 10 years, $3.3 million of this, was raised in the last financial year alone.

Everyone is a winner with Lotterywest! Almost all money spent on Lotterywest games is returned to the WA community through prize payouts and grants. Last financial year $463 was million shared amongst local winners and over $260 million was given in grants.

Cash 3 tickets are available daily from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.

Good things come in 3 Good things come in 3