19 January 2017

A lot happens when you play

A lot happens when you play Lotterywest games. It’s actually pretty amazing how much of an impact you have every time you grab a Lotto or Scratch’n’Win ticket in-store, online or through our app.

It’s thanks to West Australians playing our games that we’re able to support the things that make WA a great place to live.

Did you know that in financial year 2017-18, a huge $723 million was given to the local community in prizes and grants? Don’t worry you’re not reading that wrong! This phenomenal amount was made up of WA players sharing $463 million in prizes and $260 million being raised for the community. What this means is that you have contributed to:

  • conserving our environment & cultural heritage
  • bringing families and communities together through a range of events, festivals like Fringe World and more
  • supporting volunteer & emergency services organisations

Remember this every time you get your tickets in-store or online. The whole of WA is saying thank you for playing.

Want to know more? Check out some grants we’ve approved recently!

We’re going to be sharing more stories of grants we’ve supported thanks to you and other West Aussies soon, so stay tuned. 

What does my money support in WA?

By playing Lotterywest games, you help dreams across the state come to life. Last financial year alone, we were able to contribute over $281 million to the WA community through our grants program, thanks to you. So why not pick up a ticket today and keep WA winning?