12 May 2023

Winning mums across WA

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a scratchie gift pack could be the perfect gift to keep mums dreams alive with each gift pack giving her a chance to win a share in this Saturday’s $20 million Superdraw.  

Over the years we’ve not only seen Lotterywest players share their good fortune with loved ones, but we’ve seen our fair share of winning WA mums. Lotterywest has delved into the archives to share these stories.


13 May 2019

Twice the luck for Saturday Superdraw winners

This weekend one lucky mum received a Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving.

Her husband had bought her a Lotterywest Mother’s Day gift pack from Doogues Lucky Lotteries on behalf of their family. 

The Slikpik 25 included the winning numbers for a $3.3 million share in Saturday’s $20 million Superdraw.

“After being told by our local newsagent this morning that I needed to call Lotterywest, I went home and checked the numbers - I couldn’t believe it when I circled all six on one line,” she said.

20 December 2020

High Wycombe man to clear mum’s mortgage

A High Wycombe man is set to provide his mother the ultimate Christmas present thanks to Saturday Lotto.
His ticket for the Saturday draw on 5 December from Here’s Luck Lottery Centre, matched the numbers to a prize worth more than $906,000.
“I’m going to pay off the rest of my mums’ mortgage,” the winner said.
“I’m now in front thanks to this win, it’s life changing.”

27 August 2018 

Mum of three set to buy first home with Lotto win

A young mum of three from Cooloongup has come forward to claim the online prize of $603,397. 

“I’ve only been playing Lotto for a month or so for a bit of fun. I’m gobsmacked to win a prize this big!” she said.

The young mum said she will keep it real and not go over the top with any purchases, except treat her kids to some new toys.

“We had two-minute noodles for dinner last night. We were all too shocked to do anything more,” she added.

28 November 2016

Mother and daughter thank 26-year-old ‘lucky’ numbers for $822,853 Lotto win

A mother and daughter from the Great Southern region have claimed their $822,853 Division 1 Saturday Lotto prize from the weekend.

The mother changed up the pair’s weekly Lotto ritual by buying their Saturday Lotto ticket from Katanning Lottery Centre three days earlier than usual.

Each week for the past 26 years, the duo purchased two lines of Lotto consisting of a line of odd numbers and a line of birthday numbers. This weekend, their odd numbers came through.

“I check my tickets every Saturday evening and I originally thought we had five numbers, which has happened a few times before, but then I looked again. There were all six!” said the mother.

17 August 2021

No EFTPOS, no worries for Gosnells Lotto winner

A Gosnells man has described taking home a prize of $797,532 as a miracle, after matching all six winning numbers on his Saturday Lotto ticket over the weekend. 

In a sliding doors moment at Lakelands Newsagency, he almost decided not to buy the Division One winning ticket when the store’s EFTPOS machine wasn’t working.

“I was with my dog and when I discovered I had six numbers, I panicked and called my mum,” he said.

“She said if you have six numbers, you’ve done alright.” 

06 December 2018

Missing millionaire revealed as Byford family syndicate

The wait for an outstanding million dollar winner has come to an end with a family from Byford finally coming forward to claim a $1.3 million Lotto win almost three weeks after the draw.

The syndicate of five, who purchased the ticket from Haynes Good News Agency in Brookdale, had been unaware of their million dollar status over the last few weeks, until recently remembering to check their ticket.

“I was adamant to tell the family together,” the mother said.

“So I got them around the table and on the phone, told them we’d won big and then slowly read out the prize value and winning numbers.

“Everyone thought it was a joke and that I’d gone mad!”

This weekend is another chance to create a story made for mum.

Head into a Lotterywest retailer to spoil mum this Mother’s Day with a scratchie gift pack.