29 March 2019

Search for Success-ful ticket ends in surprise

The month-long search for the owner of a Saturday Lotto ticket worth $672,193 has ended, with a couple from the state’s South West coming forward.


The man in his 50’s said he regularly travelled for work and decided to pick up a Saturday Lotto ticket during a stopover in Success.


His lunch break destination at Gateways News and Lottery Centre in Success couldn’t have been a better random stop, as WA’s luckiest suburb having sold the most Division One tickets in 2018.


When quizzed about why it had taken so long to check his ticket, his answer was simple.


“I was just being lazy,” he said.


“I didn’t know how much we had won until I went into Lotterywest head office.


“I’d hoped to win big, and I did.”


At this stage he plans to remain in his job in the hospitality industry, but will be using the winnings to clear bills and pay the mortgage. 


Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said the lucky winner was the latest story in what’s been a massive week for local Lotto players.


“This $110 million week is not over yet with the next chance for WA players to win big in this Saturday’s $20 million Lotto Superdraw,” Ms Coleman said.


“It never gets old to see the mix of surprise, shock and joy on the face of a Division One winner.”


Lotterywest is unique – it remains the only lottery in Australia which is State Government owned and operated with a majority of money spent on tickets going back to the people of WA through prizes and grants.




Media Enquiries Jennie Fitzhardinge & Hermione Coleman: 9488 6227 / 0438 996 884