4 April 2019

Saturday Superdraw winners win more time with family

  • Wednesday Lotto draw has produced a $1 million winner
  • The ticket was sold from Eaton Fair Lottery Centre and News
  • WA Division One winners tally reaches 17
  • Saturday’s Superdraw Syndicate winners claim prizes
  • Mid-West man finds it pays to read your emails after picking up $2.2 million

There will be no mid-week blues for the owner a Wednesday Lotto ticket purchased at Eaton Fair Lottery Centre and News.
The winning numbers 7, 19, 10, 5, 45, 4, with supplementary numbers 33 and 43 matched up to 4 tickets nationwide, 2 from New South Wales with the others hailing from Queensland and Western Australia.
The four lucky ticket holders will receive $1 million.
Saturday Superdraw wins more time with family

A Midland man has won more time with his family thanks to his share of a winning syndicate ticket in Saturday’s Superdraw.
His $223,594 share of the $2.2 million ticket means his plans to return to FIFO work are no longer necessary.
“This win is life changing, I was considering going back to FIFO work, but this has saved me from doing that,” he said.
“It means I’ll be able to spend more time with my family.”
Another winning member was happy he had decided to buy into the syndicate set up by his local Lotterywest retailer in Hamilton Hill.
“Mate, there was a lot of screaming when I realised I had the winning numbers,” he said.
“When I went to purchase the ticket there was a sign promoting syndicates in the store that caught my eye.”
Optimal Pharmacy Plus in Midland and Hamilton Hill set up the winning syndicate and between them sold 10 shares from a System 8, 10 game ticket.
Lotterywest spokesperson Jennie Fitzhardinge said syndicates and Systems tickets were great ways to reduce the cost of tickets, and increase the odds of winning.
“Each of the members of the winning syndicate only paid $19.85 for a ticket worth almost $200,” Ms Fitzhardinge said.
“Because they had 10 System 8 games, they increased their odds of winning Saturday Lotto from one in 8 million to one in 29,000.”
An email worth $2.2 million
Meanwhile, Western Australia’s newest Saturday Lotto multimillionaire is proof it pays to read your emails, after a change in habit led to a life-transforming decision.
The winner said his go-to ticket had always been a Slikpik, however, after reading an email from Lotterywest promoting the Super Week Combo Pack he decided to change his purchase.
The decision led the man to buying a Combo Pack containing the lucky ticket from Wallaces in Carnamah, resulting in a $2.2 million windfall.
“This win is life changing, I’ll now be able to take my wife on a honeymoon,” he said.
“I’ve been working out of a tin shed throughout winter and summer, so now I’ll be working out of my own shed, with air conditioning.”
The community also wins when people play – over the last year Lotterywest supported 14 community organisations within the Midland area totaling more than $640,000 - Including a $250,000 grant towards equipment for research at Perth Bone and Tissue Bank Incorporated.
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