22 February 2019

All eyes on Powerball as it jackpots to $40 million

Western Australians have yet another chance of winning big next Thursday with tonight’s Powerball draw jackpotting to $40 million.
This is the biggest jackpot the game has offered this year after a Sydney mother scooped the staggering $107 million prize in January’s Powerball draw.
“There will be lots of players who were keeping their finger crossed last night, and we’re hoping the excitement continues for next week’s Powerball draw,”  Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said.
Since April last year, Powerball returned nearly $80 million to the WA community through the Lotterywest grants program.
“It’s an overwhelming amount and it’s all thanks to our Powerball players that this is possible,” Mrs Coleman said.
“When you play in WA, the money stays in WA, so everyone is a winner.”
Western Australia has had a string of Lotto luck following Saturday’s Superdraw, with one of the Division One winning tickets a syndicate winning a total prize of $1.6 million.
One of the syndicate winners, from Maylands, said a return to the shops after forgetting to pay a bill led him to buy a ticket outside of his usual routine.
“It’s the best bill I’ve ever had,” he said.
Another winner, a Coogee man in his 70s, said he had recently read his Chinese horoscope which told him he was going to be on a lucky streak so bought a ticket.
 “I’m going to help my family with the prize,” he said.


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