24 December 2019

Slice to meet your dreams Eugene

There are many ingredients needed for a restaurant to turn over some dough, and a winning name is one of them. Eugene’s Pizzeria could be mistaken for the name of the owner, however we can reveal the name’s history isn’t that simple. 

“A production company reached out to me about using this space for a Lotterywest commercial,” owner Tony Cuccovia said.

“The company used the name Eugene’s and asked me if I had a name planned for my new restaurant.

“I had a couple of names kicking around, but I thought the name Eugene’s was rather unique so I decided to keep it.”

The TV commercial for Lotterywest’s Keep your Saturday Dreams Alive campaign, follows a young man achieving his family’s dream of owning a café thanks to a Saturday Lotto win. As for Mr Cuccovia, his history with the new restaurant links back a number of years.

“In the 60s my mum used to take me here all the time, and back then it was butcher shop,” he said.

“I walk my dog past here all the time and when I saw it was for lease I jumped at the opportunity.”

Saturday Lotto returns the most WA winners of all the games, and Megadraw is the most popular Saturday Lotto draw of the year.

Lotterywest is happy to become a pizza Eugene’s Pizzeria history. 

Tony Cuccovia, Eugene's Pizzeria Tony Cuccovia, Eugene's Pizzeria