19 July 2021

Record-breaking returns to WA community

2020-21 EOFY blog insert

It’s been a historical moment in 2020-21, with Lotterywest delivering record breaking returns of $864.9 million through lottery prizes and grants to the Western Australian community.

This included $313.4 million in direct and statutory grants to help the people of WA – the highest ever achieved.

These grants were given under the Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund which was established last year to help our State recover from the pandemic and support the local community when they needed it most.

If you bought a ticket this year, you have been part of the ripple effect of Lotterywest’s purpose of building a better WA together and we say thank you!

It’s not just our community that benefitted by receiving Lotterywest grants, the last financial year saw Lotterywest deliver many locals with a lottery win.

In fact, $551.5 million was shared amongst WA winners. This included 81 Division One players and 62 Top Prize winners who visited the exclusive Lotterywest Winners Room to claim their prize.

Each winner has their own unique story or plan for their life changing win, but here are some of the more surprising stories we heard in the Winners Room for 2020-21.

Champagne and what?

A couple from Gnangara said they had no idea Lotterywest were on the lookout for the owner of a Set for Life ticket worth $20,000 a month for 20 years.

The ticket, from Wanneroo Winners Lotto Kiosk, is now worth $20,000 a month for 20 years.

A Set for Life Division One prize opens the door for plenty of glorious options, but for this couple, their time for life started quite simply.

“We’re celebrating with champagne and chicken nuggets,” they said.

Gosnells top dog

One Gosnells dog was set to be the pooch of the precinct as his owner planned to buy him a juicy steak after claiming a $2.5 million Saturday Lotto Division One prize, thanks to a ticket from Ashburton Newsagency.

The winner said an unusual dream compelled him to break his routine when it came to buying a ticket.

“I had a feeling to put my ticket on earlier than usual, if I wanted to win,” he said.

Biggest win since 2016

A couple from Perth's northern suburbs had OZ Lotto to thank for their $30 million OZ Lotto Division One prize. 

The winning ticket, sold from Major Luck Lottery Centre in Clarkson, is the biggest WA win since 2016.

As they say, records are made to be broken. 

Bus trip hails $50,000 Scratch'n'Win

A Burswood man’s decision to take the bus rather than walk to a medical appointment hailed him a $50,000 Scratch’n’Win result.

The tradie said he bought the Pharaoh’s Treasure Scratch’n’Win game from The Lucky Charm Victoria Park to pass the time while in the waiting room.

“I got this ticket when I was about to get a needle into my knee,” he said.

“I normally walk to the doctors, but this time I got the bus, so I ended up arriving earlier than expected.”

He said the bus helped him reach the retailer faster than walking, which theoretically put him in the right place at the right time to buy the ticket now worth $50,000.

Now that's a fare result.

A colourful winner

An Armadale couple became $300,000 richer, all thanks to their fondness of the colour pink.

Their $20 Extreme Cash Scratch’n’Win game from Haynes Good News Agency took out the first Top Prize for the ticket.

“I always buy this particular ticket, I love the colour,” the winner said.

Best Christmas Present Ever?

A Willetton family received WA's best Christmas present for 2020.

A friend gifted the family a couple of Scratch‘n’Win tickets from Burrendah News in Willetton, including a $10 Oh Christmas Tree game.

On Christmas morning the family scratched their way to a life changing gift, a $150,000 Top Prize.

“When I told my mate, he was gobsmacked and said it was made for you.”

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