29 January 2020

Perth musos catch a break

The atmosphere never falls flat during a Catch Music session. For more than a decade the organisation uses music to connect people with a disability with skilled musicians. Catch Music hosts nine metropolitan ‘jamming sessions’, and one in a regional area, with hundreds of participants benefitting.

“These sessions are open to people of all ages and all abilities,” Catch Music coordinator Eduardo Cossio said.

The sessions feature a range of talented musicians who make sure everyone involved, no matter their level of skill or ability, get on stage and have a go.

“It’s always a social night, people have fun, and having a lot of people here gives it a really positive atmosphere,” Mr Cossio said.

“Social barriers are lowered when our participants play together.

“The bands gig regularly, almost every weekend, and this gives everyone a focus and purpose.”

Healthway and Lotterywest grants totalling more than $48,000 have been provided to Catch Music to promote the Act-Belong-Commit health message to participants, and rebuild its website to make it easier for those keen to get involved.

Healthway and Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt PSM said that Catch Music was a wonderful not-for-profit organisation connecting people from all walks of life to pursue their love of music.

“The jamming sessions give participants something to work towards, improves playing ability, and is a fantastic way to meet new people and form supportive friendships,” Ms Hunt said.