11 January 2021

Katanning delivers another 2021 millionaire

A couple from Katanning are Western Australia’s latest Division One winners after taking home a $1,428,571 prize from the weekend. The couple said they had been playing the same ticket type, a Slikpik 30, for the last 12 months and were about to ‘change up’ their system.

“We thought with the new year we’d try a new type of ticket, but something told us to buy our usual Slikpik 30 just one more time,” they said.

“When we found out we’d won, we screamed so loud, that the whole of Katanning probably heard us.”

The couple purchased their winning ticket from Katanning Lottery Centre. Owner of the store, Richard Kowald, said there was lots of excitement and chatter surrounding the town today following the news.

“I’ve owned the store nearly 22 years and its always a great moment selling a big Lotto winning ticket,” he said.

So far this year WA has produced four Division One winners who have shared in over $6 million worth of prizes. The 9 January Saturday Lotto draw was a special event which saw the usual $5 million prize pool doubled to a $10 million offer.

Thanks to those players that purchased tickets in the draw, $2.6 million was raised to support the WA community.

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