30 April 2020

Fun keeps mother-and-son team together

Luke and his mum, Christina, have worked alongside each other at Kingfisher Newsagency in Bull Creek for 17 years . They say there are some perks to working in their family owned business, and it's not just being able to bring Oscar, their beloved pet dog, to work each day.

"Because we are family, we can trust each other to do the right things for our business," said Christina.

Christina says that working together comes with its challenges, but at the end of the day they always agree and work things out.

Their advice on a good working relationship is to be patient with one another and always try to have some fun - having a friendly chat with their customers also helps.

"After 17 years there are many customers we have come to know really well, and they enjoy having a chat. Some have even become personal friends," she said.

The drawcard could possibly have something to do with their furry friend, who recognises the voices of customers who are all too willing to give him a pat or tummy rub.

Popular gifts from Kingfisher Newsagency for Mother's Day include flowers, gifts, cards, Lotto and scratchies.

As for Christina’s Mother's Day, Luke and the rest of the family will be spending time together.

Kingfisher Newsagency's Luke and Christina. Kingfisher Newsagency's Luke and Christina.