3 September 2020

Father son team take on Lotto

Father and son team, John and Luke, have worked side by side for 22 years after Luke jumped into the Lotterywest ring with his Dad at the age of 14. Over the years the owners of Winners Circle and Karrinyup News have tried a couple of different ways to deal with tension.

“Dad once bought us both boxing gloves so we could sort out our problems with a couple of boxing rounds,” Luke said.

“It only happened once, as he fared much worse!”

John has owned and operated three stores during his 30 years as a Lotterywest retailer, providing Luke the chance to witness his father’s work ethic. Along with the traits of being a hard worker, Luke said his Dad is young at heart and they make a great team.

“We both bring different ideas to the table and meet in the middle, which ends in a positive outcome for our business,” he said.

“We usually solve disagreements with a beer after work.”

They’ll be spending Father’s Day with the family at picnic spot they’ve been visiting for years.

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