14 September 2023

Eye watering Wednesday Lotto win

A retired midwife waiting for a call back about a new pair of glasses, instead received an eye watering call from Lotterywest.

The call was to inform the player that her registered Wednesday Lotto ticket from Subiaco Lotteries and News matched the numbers to a Division One prize of $1 million.

“The only Lotto I play is Wednesday, because if you’re going to win anything, $1 million is enough,” she said.

“I got a phone call and thought it was the optometrist calling about my glasses, but it was Lotterywest telling me to check my ticket.”

Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said this win is Western Australia’s 67th Division One win for 2023.

“These WA winners have shared in almost $190 million worth of prizes,” Mr Mooney said.

“This is the eighth Division One win created by Wednesday Lotto so far in 2023.”

This year, marks 90 years of Lotterywest serving the Western Australian community.

Lotterywest has distributed a collective $17.3 billion in prizes and grants to the WA community since its first draw in 1933.

Uniquely, Lotterywest remains the only Government-owned and operated lottery in the country, and one of the few in the world, where all available profits go directly back to the community through grants.