25 October 2021

Ellenbrook winner Set for Life

An Ellenbrook woman is set to receive $20,000 a month for the next 20 years thanks to a split-second decision. When visiting Nextra Ellenbrook Newsagency to buy a card, in the spur of the moment she bought a Slikpik 4 Set for Life ticket. This decision placed a ticket in her hand that matched the numbers to a Division One prize.

“I don’t usually play Set for Life,” she said.

“I was at home and saw on Facebook that someone from Nextra had won. Before I had even checked my ticket, I said to myself “I’ve won”.

The winner said she had a lot of people in her life that needed some help.

“I would like to quietly help them,” she said.

Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said 57 Western Australian tickets had claimed a Division One prize this year.

“These winners have shared in almost $114 million, and we would love this number to rise,” Mr Mooney said. 

“Thanks to our players, Lotterywest raises millions of dollars each year for WA community groups.

“The past year alone has seen Lotterywest provide the City of Swan more than $2 million towards a youth centre in Ellenbrook.”

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