6 April 2021

Egg-cellent Easter win!

A retired grandmother visiting her grandson has come forward as the one Western Australian ticket holder from Saturday Lotto’s draw. The Slikpik 18, bought from Rockingham Central, is worth more than $965,000!

The woman, in her 70s from Queensland, said she casually mentioned to her grandson that she’d like to buy a ticket, so he took her to his local Rockingham retailer.

“I only buy Lotto tickets periodically when I’m out shopping and think of it and have a few spare dollars,” she said.

“I checked online that night and thought I had five numbers and told my grandson that I was missing number 38. He then checked and said, “No Grandma, you’re not, you’ve got it”.

“He then saw that there had been one winner in WA and we looked at each other in disbelief.”

The winner, who said the win was life-changing, said she planned to buy a house and a new car.

“I’ve always said that someone who can pay a bill that they couldn’t pay before – that’s life changing,” she said.

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