9 July 2020

Customers are key

Customers are cornerstone for Subiaco Square owner Geetha.

Geetha has been a Lotterywest retailer for the past 11 years. She also owns Livingston Lot-o-Luck Kiosk and has just recently opened Vale Newsagency.

“I love my people, I love the customers who we interact with, it’s a one to one thing,” she said.

“We have a personal touch with each and every customer, it’s the most important part of our business.”

2020 has created unprecedented challenges, however Geetha’s drive has always been to support the local community.

“It was important to stay open so we could continue interacting with customers, even if they wanted to just stop by for a chat” she said.

Geetha says that Lotto has been the draw card for passers-by and reminding them they are giving back to the community, especially during COVID-19, keeps them coming back.

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