19 February 2021

A series of fortunate events

A Waikiki woman has claimed that a series of money saving events guided her to a $50,000 Scratch’n’Win.

The woman, in her 50’s, said it all started with a medical appointment.

“I went to the doctor who doesn’t usually bulk bill, but this time he did,” she said.

“I then went to the chemist and everything I needed was on special, so I was onto another winner.”

She decided to use some of her savings on a handful of Scratch’n’Win tickets, including a $3 Cupcake Cash scratchie from The Lucky Charm Waikiki.

“At first I thought I had won $5, then I saw a zero, then another and another,” she said.

For your chance to win, pick up a Scratch'n'Win ticket today!

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