29 June 2020

Winthrop wife’s ‘act of love’ makes husband’s Lotto dream a reality

A Winthrop man’s 30-year dream of a Division One Lotto win has finally become a reality, thanks to a romance gesture by his wife.
The couple, in their 50’s, are the owners of a ticket holding a Saturday Lotto Division One prize from a draw held on 30 May.
The husband said he’s the one that always buys the games; however, this ticket was bought by his wife from Winthrop Village News and Gifts which is now worth more than $502,000.
“I don’t normally buy them, my husband buys our tickets each week,” she said.
“I bought it for him out of love and then I simply forgot I had it.
“If my husband had bought this ticket, we would have been here to claim the prize a lot sooner.”
The husband said the most he had ever won was $60.
“Thirty years and my wife beat me to it,” he said.
“I checked all of my tickets at the time, which were duds, but then my wife remembered she had one and now here we are in the Winners Room.”
Meanwhile, Saturday Lotto welcomed another WA Division One this weekend.
The ticket, purchased through a Lotterywest membership online, is now worth more than $797,000.
Lotterywest said it was hoping for the State’s Lotto luck to continue this week with an incredible $80 million worth of jackpots up for grabs.
“Excitement starts tomorrow night when $30 million is offered on OZ Lotto and then on Thursday, a $50 million Powerball jackpot will be available,” said Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone.
Tickets are available until 6pm jackpot day in-store, online or visit the app.
All available profits from Lotterywest tickets contribute to the COVID-19 Relief Fund which will help those in the community impacted.
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