6 May 2020

What tickets are WA’s largest Lotto winners striking lucky on?

With an incredible $20 million up for grabs in just a few days in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto Superdraw, Lotterywest is revealing what tickets Western Australia's biggest Lotto winners are striking lucky on.
So far this year, the State has produced 24 Division One Lotto winners who have shared in almost $30 million worth of prizes.
The most popular Division One ticket type has been a 25 game Slikpik, which included WA’s largest win worth almost $3 million.
“This ticket gives players 25 chances to win, improving your odds from I in just over 8 million to around 1 in 325,000,” said Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman.
Ms Coleman and said around 80% of Division One winning tickets were Slikpiks where numbers are randomly generated by the lottery terminal, while the remaining 20% were on players choosing their own numbers.
Ms Coleman said for those looking to play their own numbers, the luckiest Saturday Lotto numbers this year were 3, 10, 39 and 40 drawn seven times, followed by 11 and 24 drawn six times.
“There’s also been a few Lotto hotspots across the State with Morley producing three Division One winners worth a combined $3.1 million, followed by Armadale, High Wycombe and Hillary’s which have each sold two,” she said.
Tickets in the $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw are available in-store, online or by downloading the app.
Thanks to those who purchase Superdraw tickets, Lotterywest is expected to raise over $3 million to support the WA community, including those experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.
Media Enquiries Pina Compagnone & Hermione Coleman: 0438 996 884