5 July 2018

Western Australia the big winner with Lotterywest

  • Lotterywest has achieved sales of $855* million in 2017-18
  • $260* million has been returned to the Western Australian community
  • Western Australian winners have shared in $463* million worth of lottery prizes

The Western Australian community continues to be the big winner from Lotterywest, with the announcement today that in 2017-18 $723 million in prizes and grants went to Western Australia.

“Thanks to the continued support of our players, Lotterywest ended the financial year achieving sales of $855 million - significantly up on last year,” said Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt PSM.

“We’re extremely fortunate in Western Australia to have the only lottery in the nation, and one of the few in the world, that is State Government-owned, where the profits raised go directly back to the community.”

“As a result of the strong support from the people of Western Australia, Lotterywest awarded $463 million in prizes to Western Australian lottery winners and has been able to give $260 million back to the Western Australian community through grants.”

Lotterywest approved 785 grants to 699 not-for-profit organisations and local governments. A further $156 million went in grants to hospitals ($125 million), sport and recreation ($15.5 million) and culture and the arts ($15.5 million). This totalled $260 million for projects supporting the community.

“Lotterywest’s purpose is to build a better Western Australia together and in doing this, contribute to making this State a great place to live,” Ms Hunt said.

“Thank you to Lotterywest players for making this happen and supporting Western Australia and the community by purchasing Lotterywest games. This ensures the money stays in our State.”

There were 69 Division One major Lotto winners, the largest prize being $20 million. A further 58 players took home a Top Prize on our Scratch’n’Win games.

Lotterywest grants in the past year ranged from $1,000 to the Busselton Naturalists’ Club to help protect bushland to $7.5 million to each the Perth Festival and Screenwest.

Another large grant of $4.8 million went to Rocky Bay for the redevelopment of community aspects of a disability services centre.

 “This grant helps integration of services and creates greater collaboration across health, social, education and disability groups in Western Australia,” Ms Hunt said.  

On behalf of Lotterywest, Ms Hunt acknowledged the work of the Lotterywest Board and staff over the past year, as well as the efforts of the Lotterywest retail network of over 500 small businesses.

*Preliminary figures until audited and rounded to the nearest million


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