25 June 2020

Wanneroo man predicts win

A Wanneroo man predicted he was a Division One winner before he even checked a single number.
Days before scanning his ticket in store the winner said he was convinced the ticket was a winning one.
And winner he most certainly was with his Slikpik 15 for Saturday Lotto’s Superdraw from Wanneroo Winners Lottery Kiosk now worth more than $740,000.
“I just popped my head up and confidently joked to my partner “I’ve won”,” he said.
“I didn’t see or even know my numbers, but I just knew I had won.
“I feel like a fool now for saying that at the time.”
However, this winner was no fool, his confidence paying off, when his partner went to check the ticket.
“I went to zap the ticket and realised we had won,” she said.
“I had shivers, but my husband just said he knew he had won.”
The next chance for Western Australians to win big is Thursday’s $30 million Powerball draw.
All available profits from Lotterywest tickets contribute to the COVID-19 Relief Fund which will help those in the community impacted.
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