6 April 2019

WA’s winning week streak puts Eaton on the millionaires' map

Western Australia produced a string of Lotto winners this week bringing its total Division One wins for the year to an incredible 17.
Saturday Lotto produced three WA winners - a lucky ticket bought in Carnamah saw a man scoop $2.2 million, while two syndicate winners took home prizes totalling more than $2.3 million.
Wednesday Lotto saw a retired couple win a cool $1 million from Eaton Fair Lottery Centre and News in Eaton.
The couple, from Bunbury, said a quick nip into Woolies for some bleach resulted in an unexpected Lotto buy.
“We usually play Saturday Lotto but I had two fivers in my back pocket and thought “why not?”,” the husband said.
“The girl at the store was mopping up and packing away and I asked “Am I too late?”. She said no, so I bought a ticket.
“We had to double check the numbers and when we were sure we were correct, we celebrated with a cuppa and a whisky.”
The couple said the majority of money would go to helping their children, grandchildren and to a few of their favoured charities.
“We’ll also go on an extended fishing holiday,” they said.
The regional shopping centre in Eaton is fast becoming a hot spot for winning tickets after it was revealed that a Lotterywest Network Syndicate sold across both Eaton Fair Lottery Kiosk and Eaton Fair Lottery Centre and News resulted in a big Division Two win worth $105,277.
David Rodgers, owner of both Eaton outlets said 2019 had been a fantastic year for both stores.
“It’s thrilling not just for us but also for our staff,” he said.
“The couple that won so deserve it and the fact that they are going to help their family is what we are all about – people helping people.”
Mr Rodgers said syndicates of System 20 tickets were his tickets of choice.
“We’ve developed a band of loyal, high value players who see the benefits of playing with a Systems 20 ticket,” he said.
Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said syndicates and Systems tickets were great ways to reduce the cost of tickets, and increase the odds of winning.
“Each of the members of the 10-person syndicate in the Saturday Lotto draw only paid $19.85 for a ticket worth almost $200,” Ms Coleman said.
“Because they had 10 System 8 games, they increased their odds of winning Saturday Lotto from one in 8 million to one in 29,000.”

The community also wins when people play – over the past year Lotterywest supported 26 community organisations within the Bunbury area totalling nearly $3 million 
including a $2290 grant towards Eaton’s Foreshore Festival, a free and local community event.