8 April 2021

Three cheers for Rockingham

There’s something in the water in Rockingham with two Division One prizes, and a Top Prize Scratch’n’Win all coming from the southern suburb this week totalling nearly $2 million.

Last night’s Wednesday Lotto produced a ticket from Waterfront News, Gifts and Lottery Centre in Rockingham worth $800,000 while on Easter Saturday a retired grandmother won more than $965,000 bought from Rockingham Central.

Also on the long weekend a $10 Mega Word Play Scratch’n’Win ticket was won by a woman in her 20s who took home a cool $100,000, bought from The Lucky Charm Secret Harbour.

In another amazing stroke of Rockingham luck, last night’s draw also produced two Division Two WA winners totalling nearly $5000 sold from the Lucky Charm Waikiki and The Lucky Charm Secret Harbour.

Further north last night’s Wednesday Lotto draw also produced a Division One win from Belridge News in Beldon.

“This is quite unusual,” Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said.

“We recently had a retailer who had two Division One wins within a few weeks of each other but to essentially have five wins from different retailers across the same suburb is pretty rare.”

The retired grandmother, who lives in Queensland and was in WA visiting her grandson, asked him to take her to his local retailer where she won more than $965,000 in Easter Saturday’s draw.

“I checked online that night and thought I had five numbers and told my grandson that I was missing number 38. He then checked and said, “No Grandma, you’re not, you’ve got it”."

The Scratch’n’Win winner, from Golden Bay, said she had to wait in anticipation all long weekend to make 100 per cent sure she had won a six-figure prize as Lotterywest headquarters was closed.

Ms Coleman said tonight’s Powerball was at $30 million and that this weekend there was also a chance for WA players to win big.

“It’s Million Yeah Saturday this weekend where up to 10 players are in with a chance to take home $1 million each and we really hope that WA continues with its recent Lotto luck,” she said.

Tickets can be bought up until 6pm on draw days in-store, online or via the app.

Media Enquiries: Hermione Coleman 0438 996 884