7 February 2018

Palmyra prankster delivers on Division 1 win

It’s hard to believe a man who tells you ‘we’ve just won Lotto’ when he’s told you that too many times before.

Or so one wife discovered when her husband told her they were in possession of a Saturday Lotto ticket worth half a million dollars.

“He said – how would you feel if I told you we have all six winning numbers?” the woman from Palmyra said.

“But he’s told me we’ve won before and he was just tricking me,” she added.

“He’s even marked off six numbers on a ticket before to make it look real,” she said.

Apparently even a trip to the Lotterywest Winners Room wasn’t enough to convince the woman, in her 60s, that her Lotto dreams had become reality – and she said she’d believe it once she was in the new house she’d been promised.

“We’ve been renting for 45 years – I just want something that’s actually ours,” she said.

Though the husband admits he’s ‘cried Lotto’ a few too many times before, he’s also made good on his word by purchasing the winning ticket from Palmyra Supa News on a selection of his own numbers.

“I’ve been playing some new numbers for eight months but this time the chap from the newsagent said – this is the winning ticket,” he said.

The retired couple claimed their prize just one day after Saturday Lotto’s other weekend winner came forward to collect their half million dollar prize – a pensioner hoping to retire from rental inspections.

“I’ve got enough to buy a retirement home and help a few close family members that need some financial assistance,” he told Lotterywest.

With a massive $21 million dollars up for grabs in this Saturday’s Superdraw, Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone says she hopes to see more local winners before next week is out.

“We’ve already met six Division 1 Lotto winners this year – and we’re ready to meet some more,” she said.

It’s not just thousands of lucky punters who are set to benefit following the Superdraw – a third of the money spent on Lotterywest tickets will go towards supporting health, the arts, sports groups and many not-for-profits in WA.  
Tickets to this weekend’s Superdraw are available until 6pm on Saturday 10 February from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.  

Media Enquiries Pina Compagnone: 9488 6227 / 0438 996 884