4 June 2024

Perth woman spent long weekend not knowing if she was a millionaire

A Perth woman in her 70s spent the entire long weekend on the edge of her seat wondering if she had won $1 million in Friday’s Millionaire Medley draw.

After a nail-biting weekend, she woke up at 3am on Tuesday morning and tossed and turned until the sun came up. She arrived at Lotterywest HQ when it opened to check her ticket, where it was confirmed she had won $1 million.

The winner, who lives south of the river, purchased a Slikpik 18 online for Wednesday’s Millionaire Medley game last week.

Upon seeing she wasn’t a winner, she decided to re-use the same numbers for the first time ever, resulting in the win.

The ticket is the State’s second Millionaire Medley winner, after the new game launched a little more than a week ago.

“I saw on Friday that I had all six numbers, and I saw online that there was one WA winner for the Friday draw,” she said.

“I thought, it can’t be me, maybe there’s another winner.

“I spent the whole long weekend thinking about it, I didn’t want to let myself believe it either way.

“I’m completely overjoyed. I plan to help out both of my children and enjoy some extra holidays.”

Lotterywest spokesperson Zoe Wender said Millionaire Medley gives six players the chance to win $1 million, with draws every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“The new game is an update from Monday and Wednesday Lotto, which now features an extra draw on Friday,” she said.

“In less than two weeks WA has already celebrated two Division One wins thanks to the new game.”

The win now means WA is home to 20 Division One winners for 2024, with these players sharing in more than $28 million.

The next chance to win is in tonight’s $3 million OZ Lotto draw.

Tickets are available until 6pm tonight in-store, online, or via the Lotterywest App.

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