20 April 2020

Peel family pick up Lotto prize ahead of rare jackpot offer

A Peel family’s patience has paid off, after using the same numbers for the past two decades turned into a Division One Lotto win.
Their ticket, consisting of family birthday numbers, is now worth more than $610,000.
"We’ve used these numbers ever since our children were born, almost 20 years ago,” the woman in her 50’s said.
“When I went to check my ticket, the store manager told me he wanted to speak to me in private; I thought I was in trouble.”
The winning ticket purchased from The Lucky Charm Pinjarra was from the Saturday Lotto draw held on 11 April.
Meanwhile more than two weeks on, the search continues for a Division One winner who purchased their ticket from Willetton Newsagency. The unclaimed ticket, from the 4 April Saturday Lotto draw, is worth $613,000.
While WA has produced 18 Saturday Lotto Division One winners so far this year, Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone said the game has jackpotted for the first time in almost four years following the weekend.
“As no one across the country matched the winning numbers in the weekend’s draw, Saturday Lotto has jackpotted to $8 million,” Ms Compagnone said.
“This is a pretty rare and special event!
“The last time Saturday Lotto jackpotted was in 2016 - in fact it’s only the eighth time this has happened since the mid-1980s.”
All available profit Lotterywest makes from every jackpot, draw and ticket goes directly into a COVID-19 Relief Fund to assist the Western Australian community recover.