5 February 2018

Palmyra and Kenwick produce two Division 1 winners

Western Australia has produced yet another two Saturday Lotto Division 1 winners – each about to walk away with over half a million dollars.

The two latest winners – who are yet to come forward – purchased their winning tickets from Palmyra Supa News and Kenwick Village News.

It seems luck also comes in twos for Nina Sukhahhuta, owner of Palmyra Supa News, as this is the second Division 1winning ticket she has sold this year – making her store a favourite destination for those securing their ticket in this weekend’s $21 million Superdraw.

“Now that we’ve produced another winner, we’re already getting a reputation for being lucky,” she said.

“Two big winners in less than four weeks – that’s not bad!” she added.

“Customers are already lining up at the ticket checkers to see if they’re the lucky guy or girl – and buying themselves a ticket to the Superdraw while they’re at it,” she added.

Lotterywest Spokesperson Pina Compagnone said that six Division 1 winners had been produced around the State so far this year – all sharing in $7.5 million in prize money.

“It’s just proof that you have to be in it to win it,” Ms Compagnone said.

“And with a massive $21 million on the line in this Saturday’s Superdraw, we’re hoping to initiate some new members into the Lotterywest millionaires club – so get your tickets!” she added.

Ms Compagnone said it was the WA community that was also set to benefit following the Superdraw.

“Thanks to support from local players, Lotterywest expects to raise over $4 million to support the WA community,”

“These funds support a wide range of community initiatives – just look around at the arts festivals, outdoor movies and community events happening all around you that are supported with a Lotterywest grant,” she said.

Tickets to this weekend’s Superdraw are available until 6pm on Saturday 10 February from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.


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