2 October 2020

Lotto ticket bought in the nick of time

It’s been a busy week at Lotterywest HQ with all four Division One winners from last weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw coming forward to claim prizes totalling over $2 million.  
One of these winners, a family from Perth’s eastern suburbs, purchased their ticket minutes before the draw closed.
The family had been using the same numbers for a handful of years, which resulted in their $511,000 Lotto windfall.
“I bought the ticket minutes before the draw closed,” the winner said.
“The kids each picked their own numbers, I thought the kids would bring some luck and they did.”
The owner of the Division One ticket from Eaton Fair Lottery Centre and News also claimed his ticket this week.
It was an Eaton man in his 50’s who had been playing the same numbers for 39 years, his biggest prize being $40 before his half a million-dollar windfall.
Meanwhile, Lotterywest is still waiting to hear from a millionaire who scooped a $1 million Division One prize in Monday’s Lotto draw.
The ticket was sold from A and LV Genovese Carbarn News in Kalgoorlie.
Western Australia’s tally of Division One winners for the year has now reached 57.
All available profits from Lotterywest tickets go towards the Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund which support organisations and people experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.
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