10 July 2018

Joondalup tradies share in half a million Lotto win

A syndicate of six tradies from Joondalup have come forward to claim their $503,668 Saturday Lotto Division One prize from last weekend.

Their winning ticket, also collecting some of the lower Divisions in the draw, has bumped up their share of the win to just over $87,000 each.

The six mates have been playing the syndicate for the last five years and meet regularly to play darts and wind down from long days on the job.

“Every week we each put in $10 and reinvest small prizes into the big draws,” said one member.

Having won prizes on the lower division over the years, the syndicate said they had a strong feeling a big win wasn’t too far away.

“We knew we were close. You gotta dream, don’t you? And have a positive attitude,” one member added.

The members said the news of the win had travelled around the group quickly with phone calls to one another and reassurance it wasn’t a joke.

“I was discussing travel plans with my partner when one of the guys rang with the news,” said another member.

“We started shouting and all convened that evening for a celebration that went into the night.”

“I’m using my share of the prize to help the kids and take my other half on a cruise.”

For another member who was retired, his share was set to take the pressure off financially.

“Retired life should be easy going and this will certainly help with that,” he said.

The Joondalup mates, who purchased their ticket from Heathridge Newsagency, have been playing the same Lotto numbers since the syndicate started.

“They’re based on some of our favourite digits,” one member said.

Want to share a Lotto win with your family, friends and colleagues?

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Tickets are available until 6pm jackpot day from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.


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