22 May 2024

Hungry for a win – What lotto players dine on after win

Western Australians have proven to be a humble bunch when it comes to celebrating a Division One win.

In the lead up to Thursday’s $150 million Powerball draw, Lotterywest has reviewed what previous winners have dined on after taking home a Division One prize.

Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said one celebration that was front of mind was 2023’s Swan Valley family who celebrated their $40 million win with fish and chips.

“If a WA player takes home the entire $150 million Powerball jackpot tonight, it will be Australia’s largest Division One prize on record, which surely gives you a menu of possibilities,” he said.

“It’s not every week we see our jackpotting games reach these heights, this being just the third time Powerball has offered a $150 million prize in the game’s 28-year history.”

Tickets are available until 6pm tonight in-store, online, or via the Lotterywest App.
Sweet and sour, lawns for Oakford millionaire
November 2021
A man from Oakford said his main focus will be to look after his family thanks to a Lotto Division One win, with this ticket bought from Byford Newsagency.

However, the man in his 50’s did flag another first purchase.

“I need a new lawn mower and I think we will buy some Chinese to celebrate,” he said.
Cheap Chinese for dinner
5 February 2019
Medina’s missing millionaire winner from late 2018 is a family of five from Perth’s northern suburbs.
The family’s daughter bought the ticket from Medina Newsagency on a shopping trip.

“We celebrated together with champagne, a lot of tears and cheap Chinese for dinner.”
From ramen to riches: Student among Saturday syndicate Lotto win
May 2017
A Saturday Lotto syndicate managed to snare around $800,000 in prize money.

The ticket was one of five sold nationally in the weekend draw and saw 12 West Aussies pocket a cool $66,000 each.

A student from Rivervale wasted no time in coming forward to claim his windfall visiting Lotterywest HQ first thing Monday morning.

“I contemplated camping outside of Lotterywest overnight,” he laughed.

“I wouldn’t let myself believe it until it had officially been confirmed,” he added.

The man said money was often tight and that he survived on a diet of ramen.
Set for Life with champagne and chicken nuggets
15 June 2021
A couple from Gnangara said they had no idea Lotterywest was on the lookout for the owner of a winning Set for Life ticket worth $20,000 a month for 20 years.

The ticket from Wanneroo Winners Lotto Kiosk matched the numbers to the life changing prize last month, with the search for the ticket dragging on for more than two weeks.

“It had been in my wallet the whole time,” the winner said.

The couple plan to let the dust settle before deciding what to do with the win, however their first port of call was rather simple.

“We’re celebrating with champagne and chicken nuggets,” they said.
Italian and a milkshake
13 October 2021
A Byford man who dreamt of winning Monday Lotto has turned that dream into reality after taking home Monday’s $1 million Lotto prize.
The man, in his early 30s, said he’d had the dream only a few weeks ago and had been buying a Monday Lotto ticket ever since.

“We’ll celebrate tonight with an Italian meal, and we’ve promised the kids a chocolate milkshake.”

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