7 September 2018

Father’s Day gift turns humble retiree into a Lotto multi-millionaire

Almost a week after Superdraw Saturday, a retired man from the Mid West has claimed a $2,222,222 Division One prize on his winning ticket in the draw which he received as a gift from his daughter for Father’s Day.

After numerous number checks between them, they both settled into shock, disbelief and jubilation that the ticket in hand had beat the odds.

“Luck has struck me very late in life, but I’m glad it still came!” he said.

Still pondering his plans for his newly acquired multi-millionaire status, the man said it would be the little things he can afford to do that will make a big difference to his comfort.

“I can keep the air-con on when it’s stinking hot and not have to worry about the extra spend,” he said.

“I’m quite set in my ways. I own my house and I’m comfortable with what I have, so I’ll keep living as simply as I can.”

He said the prize will also allow him to see more of his children and grandchildren living interstate, and treat them to a few things that will fulfil their dreams.

“My family are a long trek from where I live and it’s fantastic I’ll be able to visit them more often,” he added.

And how does one humble winner celebrate such a boost to their bank account? 

“I had some pasties and a bottle of red with loved ones,” he said. 

The winning ticket was from the $20 million Saturday Lotto Superdraw held on 1 September and was purchased from Queens Super IGA plus Liquor in Geraldton.

It’s was one of nine Division One tickets across the nation sharing the $20 million prize pool. 

Thanks to those that play Lotterywest games, the Western Australian community is a winner too! Over the last ten years, 548 Lotterywest grants were approved in the Mid West sharing in $28.7 million.

And in more feel good Lotto news, the current Cashcades promotion has delivered an upsized prize to over 15,000 WA players in this week’s Wednesday Lotto. Because there were no Division One winners, Divisions Two to Six shared in $1 million Division One prize.

There’s only two Cashcade draws to go and you can make it easy with a $21 Cashcade Combo Pack which gives you 22 games in this Monday and Wednesday Lotto plus 11 games of Saturday Lotto (available until 6.00pm Monday 10 September).


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