17 September 2020

All Power to you

Western Australia could make Lotto history if tonight’s Powerball Division One jackpot of $60 million goes to a WA player.
The biggest WA win in Lotto history was when a Perth family took home the entire $50 million prize on Powerball in July 2015.
This is only the third time this calendar year that Powerball has reached $60 million.
Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said two ways to play for those hoping for a multi-million-dollar windfall on tonight’s $60 million Powerball, were with a Powerpik 7 or a syndicate ticket.
“A $24.20 Powerpik 7 is a great way to play because the ticket gives you the Powerball number that you need to win Division One,” she said.
“Joining a syndicate and sharing the cost of the ticket, whether in an informal one in the office or with family, or an organised syndicate through Lotterywest or your local retailer, is also a really fun way to play . . . with $60 million there is more than enough to go around.”
Ms Coleman said that Lotterywest expected to sell 450,000 tickets during this draw – that’s almost one in every four Western Australians playing – and almost 500 tickets during its busiest hour between 4pm and 5pm tonight.
“In light of this make sure you get your tickets early and beat the rush,” she said.
Ms Coleman said that some of the most popular suburbs for buying tickets were Perth, Morley, Mandurah and Cloverdale.
An estimated $9 million will be raised for the WA community from this Powerball’s five-week jackpot run.
All available profits from Lotterywest tickets go towards the Lotterywest COVID-19 Relief Fund which support organisations and people experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

Media Enquiries James Mooney & Hermione Coleman: 9488 6227 / 0438 996 884