25 May 2021

After hours call to boss ends in Lotto win

A phone call to the boss after hours may mean bad news in some circumstances, but for one Saturday Lotto player the weekend phone call ended in joy.

The workplace syndicate in Perth’s east, had a share in a Saturday Lotto ticket from Maddington Lottery Centre which matched the numbers to a prize worth more than $409,000.

“I get the numbers emailed to me and I almost had heart failure,” the syndicate leader said.

“I called my manager, usually calling the boss on a weekend isn’t good news,” she said.

Meanwhile, another Division One winner from Saturday’s draw also came from a workplace syndicate.

The ticket, from Optimal Pharmacy Plus South Lake, was purchased by a group of emergency service workers.

“It’s great when a syndicate visit our Winner’s Room, as the joy from the prize is shared across multiple Western Australians,” Lotterywest spokesperson James Mooney said. 

“We are now waiting to hear from the owner of the third Division One prize from Saturday’s draw, that ticket was sold from Donnybrook Newsagency.”

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