29 September 2018

$300,000 up for grabs as Cash 3 turns 20!

For 20 years Western Australians have been playing Cash 3 – the game that brightens your day.

Since 1998, players have been picking three numbers between 000 and 999 trying to match the winning numbers, winning daily prizes of up to $500.

Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone said Cash 3 was popular amongst local players as the cheapest lottery game on offer with tickets costing as little as 50 cents.

 “The odds are pretty great, starting from just 1 in 166 to score a win,” Ms Compagnone said.

“This humble game is inexpensive and very simple but returns so much to our community.”

“Cash 3 has raised over $33 million for the WA community over the last 10 years,and $3.3 million of this was raised in the last financial year alone which is a fantastic outcome.”

Owner of Galleria Lottery Centre, Julie Chew, said she sees her regular Cash 3 customers daily to put their lucky numbers on.

 “A lot of superstition goes into choosing their Cash 3 numbers,” Ms Chew said.

“They use their birthday numbers, house numbers, even their phone numbers!”

Everyone is a winner with Lotterywest. Almost all money spent on Lotterywest games is returned to the WA community through prize payouts and grants. Last financial year this totalled $463 million shared amongst local winners and over $260 million given in grants.

Good things come in 3

From Sunday 30 September to Thursday 18 October 2018, Cash 3 will be giving away $300,000 – the biggest giveaway in the game’s history.

Local players have the chance to win one of 30 $10,000 cash prizes during Cash 3’s new promotion Good things come in 3.

All players need to do is purchase $3 or more worth of Cash 3 tickets in the competition period and register their ticket details at www.lotterywest.wa.gov.au/games/competitions/good-things-come-in-3 for the chance to win.

Those with a Lotterywest membership will receive automatic entry into the competition.

Cash 3 tickets are available daily from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.


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