22 May 2020

“Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket.”

Not all the Willy Wonka chocolates in the world could be better than a southern suburb man’s $200,000 win on a Scratch’n’Win Golden Ticket won this week.


The man in his 20’s first won a $75 prize on a scratchie he was given for his birthday by his father and decided to buy more with some of its winnings.


“I reinvested in some more tickets and that was when I bought the winning $200,000 ticket,” he said.


“My family didn’t believe that I had won, as this is something I would probably joke about, and I had to get on Facetime and show them the ticket.”


When he bought the $20 Golden Ticket from Garden City Lottery Centre in Booragoon it was the first ticket from a new pack.


The next chance for Western Australian players to win is in Thursday’s $8 million Powerball draw.


Lotterywest is committing $159 million into a COVID-19 Relief Fund to respond to the hardship being experienced by the WA community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.




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