29 September 2021

$15 ticket turned WA Lotto millionaire

Lotterywest can confirm that over the past five years the most popular ticket type for special events such as this weekend's Saturday Lotto special $10 million event is a Slikpik 12 and 18. 

While all Lotto tickets are in with a chance to win, a Slikpik 12 and 18 both cost under $15.

“Last month when Lotterywest held a Saturday Lotto special $10 million event, a WA winner took home $2.5 million from a Slikpik 18,” Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said.
“It so happened that this ticket was bought as a last-minute Father’s Day gift so while some might not think $15 is much to splash on a pressie, in this case it turned out to be a much greater gift.”
This weekend will be the fifth Saturday Lotto special $10 million event that has been held since January 2021, with each of the past four draws delivering one WA winner sharing in nearly $8.5 million.
“We would love to see our next WA winner match the winning numbers in this weekend’s $10 million draw,” she said.
“Our advice to is to talk to your local retailer who will be able to help you find a ticket that will match your budget.”
An estimated $2.2 million is estimated is to be raised for the WA community through Lotterywest's grant program from this weekend’s draw.
Tickets are on sale up until 6pm on draw day in-store, online or via the app.


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