31 July 2018

$100 million big week of jackpots kicks off tonight with OZ Lotto

“Lotto” will be the word on everyone’s lips this week with a combined $100 million of jackpots up for grabs.

The first of two $50 million jackpots will be drawn tonight for OZ Lotto, before a second $50 million prize is offered in Thursday’s Powerball jackpot.

Although no Western Australian player has managed to take home either Division One prize over the last six weeks, over 725,000 WA players have shared in prizes worth $14.3 million in the other Divisions across both games.

One Lotterywest store who is no stranger to OZ Lotto luck is newsXpress Centrepoint Midland.

The store sold an OZ Lotto ticket worth $10 million in March and owner Paul Kirwan said it was the largest win he’d had since running the store for a decade.

“We were extremely pleased when we found out we’d sold such a big winner,” he said.

“They say lighting can strike twice – so here’s hoping we can do it again following tonight’s jackpot.”

According to Lotterywest, both jackpots are set to generate significant interest amongst Lotto players, with almost one million tickets expected to be sold in both draws across the State.

“For the OZ Lotto draw, ticket sales will peak between 4pm and 5pm today when an estimated 560 tickets will be purchased every minute,” Lotterywest spokesperson Pina Compagnone said.

“This will be followed by another day of jackpot frenzy on Thursday, when the busiest hour of ticket sales for the $50 million Powerball draw will see around 600 tickets produced each minute.”

Tickets for both OZ Lotto and Powerball are available until 6pm draw day from Lotterywest in-store, online or through the app.  

When you play Lotterywest games, the money stays in WA. Both jackpots are expected to raise $5.3 million to support the WA community.

Media Enquiries Pina Compagnone: 9488 6227 / 0438 996 884