Community Events

We love supporting events that bring the Western Australian community together to enhance social and cultural connections and reduce isolation.

What we will need to understand about the event

Our support for events can include:

  • Local events aimed at bringing the community together;
  • Awareness days to promote an important cause;
  • Significant anniversaries or commemorative events;
  • Cultural events; and
  • Large-scale festivals.

The coming together of Lotterywest and Healthway created an opportunity to align our grant making strategy, and build synergies to maximise our community support through a shared Community Investment Framework. We’ll work with you to identify which priority area your event fits into and to identify relevant outcomes.

Click on the diagram below to find out more about the Community Investment Framework.

The following are considerations that will help you in completing your application

What will the event help you achieve?

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Who will the event benefit?
  • What evidence do you have that the event is important for your community?
  • How is your organisation the best placed to apply for the grant and manage the event? Your organisation should be responsible for the event.
  • What activities do you plan to have including performances, guests, speakers, and workshops?
  • What facilities and food and beverage do you plan to offer? This includes toilets, sun shelters and accessibility (e.g. toilets for disabled, interpreters).
  • Have you explored combining with similar events in your area for a more effective and efficient way to achieve your goals?
  • How will you make sure the event is accessible and inclusive?

What resources are you contributing and what do you need?

  • What you are requesting from Lotterywest and what is your organisation contributing, (may include money, time, staff resources)?
  • Who have you partnered with? We look for partnership approaches such as other financial contributions or in-kind partners. This can include other government funding, donations of land or construction materials.

How will you know you have made a difference? (Outcomes)  

  • How will you demonstrate what the Lotterywest grant helped to achieve for the community? Consider using tools like stories, photos and community feedback.
  • Larger events will require an evaluation plan, research reports, and community feedback.

Our Grants team can help you plan for measuring the community impact of your event.

Zig Zag Festival, Kalamunda

We don’t support

  • Competitions;
  • Commercial exhibitions or events; and
  • Religious events.

What else you need to provide

We may ask for additional information to support your application which can include:

  • Overview of the event program and budget;
  • Event management plan including your risk management strategy; and


  • For individual items over $3,000 - two written quotes are required
  • For items under $3,000 - a written estimate by the supplier / quote or proof of advertised price.
  • Low value, miscellaneous items can be grouped together up to $3,000 and do not require additional information

Further information is available in the Lotterywest Portal when you start your application.


For a comprehensive list of tools and resources to guide you through the application process, visit the Developing your Application page.

Your application

We encourage you to speak with our Grants team about your proposal, request amount and any additional information you may need to prepare, prior to submitting your application. Call us on 133 777 or email

Approved grants list

Use the table below to view Lotterywest grants approved in the last year, and find out more about what’s being supported in your community.

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REQ. NO. REQ COMMISS HEAR DATE Date Recipient Subprogram Desc Purpose AGENDA SUM PUBLICATION Amount Suburb Postcode Region Name Location LGA Name